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Elevate Your Music Career with SQRZ Agency's Music Accelerator Program!

Are you ready to turn your passion for music into a thriving career? Welcome to the SQRZ Agency's Music Accelerator Program, a 12-week journey designed to empower artists like you to build a powerful brand and achieve sustainable success in the creator industry.

Company Building
Evaluate your key assumptions
Define the archetype of your ideal customer
Identify your customers problem
Branding & Marketing
Design your brand
Build social media campaigns
Use latest marketing tools
Build Sales Channel
Develop your financial model
Examine unit economics
Define your funding strategy
Revenue Models, Equity & Copyright
Revenue models
Legal concepts
Monetize your Intellectual property

What you will achieve during SQRZ Accelerator

Plan your Go-to-Market Strategy

Lay the foundation for your music career by understanding the business side of the creator industry.

Design your Online Presence

We'll design websites that inspire users to engage with your product and take action, through conversion research and strategy.

Monetize your Ideas

Create monetizable content and learn how to keep all rights and revenue for yourself.

Why choose SQRZ?

Are you tired of agencies and labels just running their daily operations and charging you monthly fees for the rest of your life?
Our approach is to teach you how to become your agency or label by yourself, while helping you with hands-on design and production services.
SQRZ Accelerator
Do it together approach
No ownership
Transparent pricing
Pause contract anytime
Labels or Agencies
Secretive about their process
Takes ownership from Artists
Complicated fee structure
Long contracts that are hard to quit

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

What is the SQRZ Accelerator Program?

SQRZ Accelerator brings together the best of team work. Unlike a traditional agency the accelerator allows us to think out of the box and teach and learn from our clients and their projects. Through the program we will explore different topics of digital business together while creating your future assets

Who is SQRZ Accelerator for?

SQRZ Accelerator is for artists, creators or creative companies that are ready to take their business to a professional level. Throughout the program members will learn how to produce their ideas and create a digital business with them.

What can I expect to get out of it?

Throughout the program we will work together on your digital assets. This includes your website, presskit, video, audio and brand assets. Beware that we will show you how to do those things, rather than doing them for you. First we build your initial website from our templates, as you learn we are there to help you implement bigger ideas.

How long does the program take?

The program is designed over a span of 12 weeks, but this shall not be the end. After the program you will maintain lifelong access to the learning materials and to all updates of the program. Also you can come back to us at any time for more specific projects.

How much does it cost?

The program costs 2499$ per month for 3 months.

When can I cancel?

The program is non-refundable, but we offer a full refund if you decide to drop out of the program within 24 hours after the first lesson. During this lesson we will talk about the program and go through the curriculum. If you realize that you are not at the right moment of your career to pursue this, we understand.

How much time do I have to plan every week?

We understand you have other compromises and as a business owner you are ultimately responsible to run your own schedule, however we do work with client who run their artistry as a full time business.
Our weekly meeting will take approximately 2-3 hours and there is "homework" that is required to succeed.

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